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He had wanted to fuck her up against the same wall he had gotten to last time, but she wanted to keep him from making a garden of hickies across her chest again. She had been the one to suggest him doing her from behind.
I’m gonna come, he grunted.
Don’t come in me. Do it on me.
Where at?
Just on the outside.
He pulled out of her. She felt the head of his small dick rubbing against her pussy as he masturbated himself the rest of the way, then the warm ropes of come as they hit her. She grinned, but he couldn’t see it in the darkness.
Angie stood up straight and smoothed her skirt down, enjoying the feeling of the boy’s come smearing between her thighs, still dripping slowly downward. School would be out in just about forty-five minutes, and she’d head to Cara’s car again. It had been two weeks since she’d seen her. She had been suckered into going to her father’s family reunion the Friday before, so she didn’t get to see Cara and Joey. She couldn’t wait for Cara to discover what was between her legs today, though.
Are you on something? Robbie asked as he tucked his shirt in.
Are you on the pill or something?
Oh, yeah, I’m on the pill.
She had been taking the birth control pills her mother had forced her to get. She was being a good girl, where that was concerned.
Her last class of the day was art. She used every excuse possible to keep from having to sit down. She didn’t want anything to rub off onto her skirt. Near the end of class, she looked down and noticed that come had smeared as far as the inside of her knee, making a shiny, sticky streak that was visible from under her skirt. Making no effort to hide it, she just watched the clock. As soon as the second hand made its last tick toward three, she grabbed her backpack and bolted from the room.
Cara kissed her when she got in. It didn’t take her long to spy the come on Angie’s leg, and Angie knew when she had. Cara just tsk-tsked and shook her head.
Where are we going? Angie asked when they passed Cara’s house.
You’ll see. I told you you’d get a real punishment, if I found you’d been fucking around again, didn’t I?
I arranged for it. I knew you’d test me. Cara wore a big smirk on her face.
Now Angie was a little nervous. She couldn’t imagine what Cara had cooked up for a real punishment.
They pulled up in front of what Angie took to be a nightclub, at first. Cara got out and motioned impatiently to be followed.
What’s the name of this place? Angie asked.
It’s called The Dome. You’ll see why when we get inside.
The club was closed, empty, and dark. The ceiling was high � at least 18 feet � and shaped like a dome, complete with mosaic work to imitate stained glass. She stopped and turned in a circle until she could figure out what the mosaic was depicting. Her eyes widened, and she realized that the place certainly wasn’t your typical nightclub. The mosaic roughly formed the scene of a nude woman chained up spread-eagle, with a man in a mask holding a riding crop, ready to strike her with it.
Uh, Cara? What kind of place is this?
It’s an S and M club, silly. Didn’t know it was here?
That’s okay. I didn’t know it was here, until Daniel told me about it.
Who’s Daniel?
He’s been coming to those pet-lovers meetings. You should attend another one sometime.
Yeah… So, who’s Daniel?
A friend. He works here as a Dom. He’s one of the guys I’ve been fucking to try to get pregnant. He’s a very nice specimen of male. Cara winked at her.
A man exited a door somewhere at the back of the club, walking toward them. Cara smirked at his shower-damp hair and hooded eyes. Hey, John, baby. You have fun today?
He gave her a sleepy smile. Cara patted him on the shoulder, and his eyes roamed up and down Angie as he passed.
Angie blushed at his look. That’s another nice specimen of male, as you put it, she giggled when he was out of earshot. You know him?
Sure do. He’s a sweet kid. Just, ah, �broke up’ with his Master. Wasn’t a very nice guy. So, Jonathan’s getting his fix from my friend here, for now.
Your friend that we’re going to meet?
Oh yes.
Cara opened the same door in the back of the club that the man they had passed came through. It opened into a large room, colder than the front, with one wall covered by nothing but mirrors. The lights were a bit dim, but it was enough to see fine by. It smelled slightly of antiseptic cleaner. She saw a tall, muscular black man. A chair from the bar area sat behind him. Near his feet lay Joey, who leapt up and galloped toward Angie when he saw her.
Angie, Cara said, this is Daniel. Daniel, this is Angie. She’s the one I told you about.
Angie looked up � very up � at the man. He was at least a foot taller than she. Hi, she greeted him, smiling even more nervously.
Nice to meet you, Angie, he smiled back. I heard you’ve been a bad little girl… He laughed. It was a deep laugh, the kind that strikes fear into an audience when the movie’s villain chuckles. It invoked a similar tickle somewhere in Angie.
Joey was nudging under her skirt, licking at the drying come. She unsuccessfully tried to push his head away. Daniel grinned at the scene and looked to Cara.
See, what did I tell you? She’s been getting some on the side. Cara laughed and turned back to Angie, pointing to the back of the room. There’s a shower through that door. Just wash the jizz off, though. And come back naked.
Angie obeyed, hurriedly washing between her legs and drying herself with one of the towels stacked beside the sink. She held it in front of her body as she went back out, self conscious in front of the virtual stranger.
Drop the towel, Cara snapped at her.
Angie let it go and stepped over it, walking closer to them.
Cara stepped behind her and gently pulled the holder off her ponytail. I want your hair loose. I have a gift for you, too… She bent down and pulled something from her purse, a coil before she’d stretched it wide. A collar. She threaded it under Angie’s hair and buckled it at the front.
Angie heard an extra little �click’. She looked in the wall of mirrors. A tiny, silver, heart-shaped lock was securing the three-quarter-inch-wide black collar.
I’m the only one with the key, Cara told her, and I don’t have it with me. You know what this collar means?
Angie looked in the mirror again. It didn’t look half bad. She thought she looked strangely vulnerable. But she knew people would ask questions, the main ones being her parents. She decided to come up with something later to tell them, though.
Cara continued, It means that you’re mine. She put her lips to Angie’s ear, You’re my little slut. And my dog’s bitch anytime he wants a go at your cunt.
With a blush darkening on her cheeks, Angie nodded.
I want her spanked, first off. Good and hard, Cara told Daniel.
Wait, Angie shook her head, then spoke much more softly, Only Cara spanks my pussy…
Cara shrugged. Okay, then. She hooked her finger under Angie’s collar and pulled her along, over to the vacant chair. Put your hands against the glass, spread your legs, and prop one foot up on the chair.
A little awkwardly, Angie obeyed beastiality or bestiality. She bent over, red hair slithering down on both sides of her neck, one foot raised higher and placed on the seat of the chair to expose her cunt. Cara shed her own clothes, down to only the slip of fabric that passed for panties. She tilted her head to look at the puffy mound that formed Angie’s pussy, its pronounced slit already glistening.
Cara ran a hand over the curve of her ass, then drew her hand back and slapped Angie’s pussy hard, making her cry out. She looked at her palm, already streaked with wetness.
Again? she asked.
Mm, again! Angie nodded her head.
Cara hit the girl’s pussy again, the contact with her slick flesh making a loud �crack!’ throughout the room. Angie fell forward a little, whimpering. Cara didn’t ask for more encouragement. She spanked Angie’s wet cunt until it was bright red, her clit swollen, shining like a ripe cherry.
Stand up, Cara told her.
She did so, wincing at the pressure closing her legs put on her pussy. She reached down, petting the stinging area as if she could soothe it.
I have another little present for you…
Angie looked up to find Cara holding a thin, hollow needle.
Keep your hands at your sides, Cara ordered as Angie realized what she was going to do. She licked the redhead’s pale pink nipples, making them stand plump and erect before pinching one and pushing the needle through the tender bit of flesh, making the girl whine and her eyes snap wide in pain. Cara slipped a shiny barbell through and proceeded to the other breast, doing the same to it.
I didn’t think you’d mind a little permanent reminder of today. Cara stroked the now pierced nipples gently with her fingertips. Get down on your hands and knees, she commanded again.
Angie lowered herself to the floor. Joey took it as an invitation, just as Cara knew he would. He immediately mounted her, humping his furry sheathed cock against her pussy until it began to peek out, the moist point of it poking around at the sore area. She flinched in pain, biting her lip. Cara reached between them, rubbing her hand back and forth on Joey’s cock until it was continuously dripping pre-come and erect enough to guide into her cunt. When it had slipped in, Cara stood back to watch.
She smirked and moaned quietly to herself at the sight of the mound of Angie’s bare pussy being split by her dog’s cock. She pushed her panties down and kicked them off, freeing her own pussy for her fingers.
Goddamn, Daniel grunted, standing beside Cara to watch the spectacle. He quickly skinned off his jeans and underwear, rubbing his growing cock. Think she’d blow me? he asked her.
Oh yes, she will. Cara circled around to Angie’s front with him.
He got on his knees in front of her, his cock curving up toward his belly till he pushed it down and against her lips. Angie turned her head away, mouth shut tight.
Open your mouth, Angie, Cara scolded her. Angie shook her head. Cara gave her a quick pop right on the mouth with her hand, shocking Angie into gasping, her mouth open. The collar means you do what I say. I say you suck his cock. Now.
Tears shined in Angie’s eyes, but she opened her mouth, running her tongue around the dark head of Daniel’s cock. She worked the slit with the tip of her tongue, making him grunt as he put a hand on the back of her head to pull her forward. She struggled a little, but looked up and found Cara giving her a glare of warning. She opened her mouth wider, letting him push inches of his thick cock into her mouth, stretching her lips wide. She felt the head of his cock nudging at the back of her throat.
Take a deep breath, bitch, he told her in a voice that was used to telling people exactly what to do and having them obey him. She got a breath of air into her lungs just as he jerked her head forward, forcing his cock down her throat.
From the side, Cara watched Angie’s neck spasm, swelling with the cock’s invasion. Angie struggled harder, trying to pull her head back, eyes watering so hard the tears dripped down her red face. She was making noises that made it obvious she was gagging. Cara nodded and Daniel pulled his cock completely out of her mouth. Angie hung her head down, gasping and chocking, until Daniel took her head in his hands and began face-fucking her again. He didn’t go back down her throat, but pumped his cock in her mouth until he was ready to come. When he did, he thrust harder, cock almost pushing all the way down, then spurting in her mouth, filling it with come.
Swallow, Cara commanded. She did, though with some difficulty, and a string of the white liquid crawled down her chin. Cara leaned down, holding Angie’s face still until she licked up the corner of the younger girl’s mouth, cleaning away the last of the come. She turned back to Daniel, Get it hard again and you can have her cunt when he’s done.
She turned back and asked, Is Joey tied yet? Angie shook her head. Okay, then. Just enjoy the fucking till he’s done. Then we’ll continue.
Angie was glad to hear this. She lowered her head and closed her eyes tight, mouth sore and her throat aching, concentrating only on Joey’s cock pumping in and out of her pussy, and his pre-come slowly running down her legs. She waited for what seemed like an eternity to feel his cock demanding entrance to her womb, but soon after that, it had pushed through and his knot was demanding a similar entrance to her abused cunt. She flinched every time it pressed harder against her opening, making the sore area even more painful. She was thankful that the inside of her pussy wasn’t sore yet as the end of his cock rubbed the full circumference of her cervix, giving her a delicious but slightly aching feeling deep within. She squeezed her pussy muscles around the animal’s slick cock, and when she released them, his knot popped inside. She gasped and groaned as it did. The knot pulled at her with his hard yanks outward.
She whimpered a chant of Oh… Oh… with hard gulps punctuating it when Joey began coming fully. She rocked herself back and forth a little with his humps as she felt her womb fill, then the length of her vagina around the bright red cock. She hoped he hadn’t been denied coming since she’d last let him fuck her, but she just knew that Cara had let it build up again. As the come stretched her womb, her abdomen swelled slowly. She reached down to rub her belly.
Cara appeared next to her suddenly, yelling at her, No! and reaching under her to jerk her hand away. She slapped her still searingly painful pussy, making her yelp in further pain. Lean forward like I showed you.
Angie leaned against the floor, shoulders touching the cold tile, her arms bent on either side of her head. She moaned softly as the dog continued humping and pulling at her, still emptying come into her body.
Minutes that seemed like hours passed before Joey was ready to wedge his knot from her pussy. It came out slowly, centimeters at a time, until it suddenly popped free. She whimpered in relief as the come was released, running down her belly and between her breasts. It pooled around her shoulders and chin where they touched the floor, soaking the last six inches of her hair where it lay in the puddle.
She only had a moment of peace before she felt a pair of rather large hands jerk her over onto her back, smearing the other side of her body, as well.
Cara was standing over her. Her cunt’s still full of it because she hasn’t stood up yet. Look, she bent over and pressed a hand flat on Angie’s abdomen, making more come run out of her and onto the floor. Angie groaned and Daniel laughed, positioning his cock at the entrance of her cunt, which was still aching from the dog’s knot being yanked out.
This’ll feel better, Cara promised, it’ll be hitting your clit. She sat down beside them, wetting her fingers in the come pooled on the floor and beginning to roll her own clit between her thumb and index finger.
Daniel thrust his cock into her hard, making her grunt. He kept thrusting, just as hard, until he met resistance.
Cara grinned when Angie’s body jerked. Her cervix is wide open. Dog cocks are made to do that to bitches. Keep hitting it. Try to ram on through.
Angie whimpered again, tensing her muscles for it. Daniel pulled out, just the head of his cock still in her, and thrust harder. She cried out, feeling the broad head slam into her. It was too broad to go all the way through, though. He thrust in and out of her, his cock grinding against her sore, swollen clit as he did so, and his fingers squeezed her slick ass cheeks, rough nails biting into them. She wrapped her legs around his waist, whimpering along with his thrusts as an orgasm began to building her belly. She came, the muscles inside her cunt gripping Daniel’s cock and making him slam harder into her as he came. He grunted again, spurting inside her, and finished just before she had a chance to come.
Cara lifted Angie’s head up, resting it on her folded legs, so that she could easily see her own pussy.
Angie looked up at her. I thought we were done…
Oh no, not quite yet. Stay still and spread your legs open wider. Cara turned her attention to Daniel, who was standing near her, his cock exhausted. Get down between her legs. I want to see how far you can get a fist in her.
Joey wandered over unbidden. He ducked his head down and began licking the come and juices off the mound of Angie’s pussy, dipping his tongue just into her slit every few licks. Angie’s hips tried to writhe as if they had a mind of their own.
Daniel smiled and kneeled between Angie’s open legs, slipping three fingers into her cunt with no effort. Four went in with just a little effort and massaging of the slick, pink hole. Her thighs were coated with a mixture of her arousal and Joey and Daniel’s come. His hand felt huge as his knuckles pushed in and out of her, his thumb scraping across her clit each time. He added his thumb into the thrusting and began to push harder, stretching her opening further. He and Cara were both pleasantly surprised when his hand almost disappeared inside Angie. She lay whimpering, face drawn, in Cara’s lap, watching herself being used. Daniel pulled his hand nearly out once more before thrusting in harder, her pussy now wrapped snugly around his wrist. With each push, he worked his hand in further, a fraction of an inch up his wrist at a time, until he couldn’t get it in any further horse bestiality. He continued pulling it out and pushing back in, savoring the slight swelling and shrinking of her pale belly as he did.
Cara smirked as the girl’s tongue peeked out to wet her lips. She reached out and began playing with one of Angie’s nipples, making her flinch. A woman’s cunt can stretch to accept just about anything, Angie. Obviously, there’s childbirth. But larger things. It’s all a question of training and exercising the hole.
Cara leaned further forward to massage Angie’s clit carefully, the already swollen button of flesh turning an even more vivid red with the attention. Joey licked Angie around Daniel’s hand, now licking high on the inside of her thighs. His cock was peeking out of his sheath again, and Angie realized they had been there playing with her body for hours. Cara’s breasts dangled over Angie’s face. After a moment of trying, her mouth finally found and held onto one of Cara’s nipples, making the woman gasp and she sucked and pressed on it with her tongue.
The rubbing Cara’s fingers were working at made Angie’s back begin to arch. Her own breath quickened again. She gasped as she came, her own juices and the remains of the come inside her dripping out around Daniel’s wrist, making it easier for him to fist her more quickly. As her orgasm died off, he pulled his hand out of her with a suctioning sound. She suddenly missed the feeling of being filled.
Cara turned Angie over onto her stomach in the mess on the floor, giving her a good coating again and smearing her face with it. She got to her own feet and left Angie in the middle of the thin puddle of come. Do you think you’ve learned your lesson? That you’re never, ever to fuck without my permission again?
Angie sat up, hands sliding in the cool body fluids. She nodded. Yes, ma’am, she admitted hoarsely.
Good. While Daniel and I clean up, I have one more thing for you. Get on your hands and knees and let Joey mount your filthy cunt again. He should be just about done with you by the time we’re finished.
Both turned and started toward the other end of the room. Angie asked, Will I get to shower after you?
No. You’ll wait till we get home, to clean up.
Angie started to panic, thinking that perhaps this would be the ultimate of Cara’s punishment, making her show herself to her parents like this. But � I can’t go home like this! I’m covered in-
No, silly, my house. Cara laughed. Oh, and don’t worry, Joey won’t come nearly as much in you the second time. You can masturbate, too, if you like. She disappeared into the bathroom.
Very reluctantly, Angie pulled herself up onto her hands and knees, reaching back with one hand to pat her bottom and tempt Joey into fucking her again. To her dismay, he trotted right up and mounted, stabbing at her pussy twice before sinking his cock in all the way to his knot. She felt the knot swell as he fucked her. it wasn’t as bad as she had feared it would be, seeing as how sore her cunt was, inside and out. It still hurt and burned the abused flesh, but there wasn’t as much friction with her cunt still stretched. She barely felt his cock penetrate her womb. His knot slipped inside her body easily. She lowered her shoulders to the floor, resting her cheek in the strange-smelling mess. Extending one hand, she carefully began to roll her clit between her fingers. At first contact with the nub, she gasped, pain jolting through her. When Joey came, she was relieved to find that Cara was telling her the truth. His come drained easily from her insides with Joey still humping away, drizzling down her stomach. She came quickly, gasping with her mouth wide open. She licked her lips and her tongue grazed the floor, collecting a bit of the cold come there. She licked again, purposefully gathering more.
She heard a laugh. It came from Cara. They had stepped out of the bathroom just in time to see her tongue flick out against the floor. My sweet little whore… Cara said, smiling at her.
Joey decided he had finished with her and got down, pulling his cock out and walking away to clean it. Angie tried to raise up, slipping in the come again and landing stomach-down in it once before managing to get to her feet. Daniel found a plastic bag for Cara to put Angie’s soiled clothes in as she wiped the redhead down with a towel and put a terrycloth robe on her, also courtesy of Daniel.
Don’t worry about any of this. I’ll clean up the mess. This time. Daniel followed them to Cara’s car, since it was far past dark.
Cara shooed Joey into the back seat and guided Angie into the passenger seat, clicking the seatbelt around her. Angie was half asleep, letting Cara arrange her where she pleased. Her hair, sticky and twisted into clumps, stayed tucked into the robe’s collar. She curled her legs onto the seat.
Daniel walked around to the driver’s side, talking to Cara as she got in. You two are new to the life, I know. But you, Little Miss Domme, you have to take care of little miss sub. You collared her.
I know. Don’t you worry. She’ll be well cared for. Cara winked and closed her door, driving off.
On the drive home, Angie drifted in and out of sleep. Cara got her into the house and walked her to the bathroom, then disappeared for a few minutes to put their clothes into the washer and feed Joey. She was wearing clean pajamas when she came back. Angie was still standing there obediently, though very nearly asleep. She swayed on her feet. Cara peeled the robe off her and put her into the shower for a while, soaping her down good and scrubbing every inch of her to remove the layers of come from her hair and slender body. She turned off the water when the younger girl was clean, taking a douche from the bathroom cabinet and inserting the tip into Angie, who startled as the cool water flooded her warm pussy. She watched the solution as it flowed down her legs, flushing much of the remnant of the come from her.
Cara turned on the bathtub faucet and guided Angie into it, the redhead perfectly compliant in her exhaustion. She gently soaped and washed her further, kissing her face and telling her how good she had been. She squeezed water from the washcloth over Angie’s newly pierced nipples, making her flinch again. Cara leaned over and carefully took the closest nipple into her mouth, tonguing it, then repeated on the other. One of her hands held the soft washcloth between Angie’s legs, very gently massaging her raw clit. Angie whimpered a little, then sighed, her breath quickening before she shuddered to her last orgasm of the night. Cara rinsed her nipples again before helping her over the edge of the tub, drying her body and rubbing the water out of her hair with a towel.
Cara rummaged through the drawer of her dresser until she found the little jar she was looking for. She kneeled in front of Angie and nudged her legs apart, dipping her fingers into the cream and massaging it into Angie’s pussy as far as her fingers could push inside.
What’s that? Angie asked, blinking sleepily.
Tightening cream. Just in case. I like your pussy good and tight, for all sorts of different reasons. Cara winked at her and gently kissed her pussy mound before standing up again.
She put Angie to bed, then climbed in beside her. Angie’s damp hair clung to her pale shoulders and back as she squirmed closer against Cara, resting her cheek against the other woman’s breast. One hand curled near her mouth, fingernails against her lips.
In the morning, Angie drifted back toward consciousness. She stretched her limbs and gave a silent, kittenish yawn. She looked up to see Cara looking back at her, smiling.
Did you sleep well? Cara asked.
Good. So, did you enjoy last night? Despite the punishments?
Ohh, yes… Because of it. I wouldn’t have kept Robbie’s jizz on me, if I didn’t want you to see it. Angie smiled coyly.
Tsk-tsk. Do you remember the promise you made last night?
Angie blushed. Yes… I enjoyed last night, but I don’t want all that or worse all at once again.
Good girl.
Angie arrived home later that afternoon. The second she stepped through the door, her mother spotted the collar she wore.
What in the world is that thing around your neck? Her mother raised one eyebrow disapprovingly.
Oh… I bought it last night. When Karen and I ran out to the mall for a new blouse for her.
I don’t think that’s something you should be wearing all the time. It’s inappropriate. We’re about to go out for dinner-
Oh, good! I’m starving!
So, go take that thing off, and we’ll leave.
I can’t…
And why not? Her mother tapped a foot on the entryway tile impatiently.
I don’t have the key. I lost it somewhere at Karen’s.
Her mother sighed long-sufferingly. Fine erotic animal sex stories. Go change your clothes. Hurry!
Angie ran upstairs. She’d almost told her mother that her clothes had only just come out of the dryer, but decided she had pushed her luck enough for one day. She was glad to have a change to get to her room, though. Apparently, Cara had kept her panties.

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