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This was a moment I worked hard for. I saved every extra penny away, to have my dream vacation. For months I had been searching the internet when I found an ad for secluded vacation spots deep in the Alaskan tundra. One definitely caught my eye and I sent off an e-mail for further details.

It’s been a pleasant all be it long flight from Texas, when I finally heard “Ladies and Gentleman, this is your captain speaking. On behalf of all us here with Alaska Airlines, we welcome you to Fairbanks , Alaska. Your current time is 4:15 pm and the tempature outside is 38 degrees.”

Coming to Alaska had been a long time dream and but I never thought the chance would actually come, but here I was touched down and Alaska was right out my window. I was fidgeting in my seat as I peeked out at the sparkling blue sky and the scattered puffy white clouds.

I mentioned secluded, and this small and primitive cabin really was; I wanted the freedom of being alone but I did not want to be a fool either. The gentleman who owned it had his own place just a little ways away. He and I communicated via email several times before sealing the deal but the clincher for me was his telling me I could go for long rides on the sled while he worked his sled dogs. They entered a few races each year, so he constantly kept them trained and well maintained. Wicked thoughts ran through my head and I asked what breed were his dogs. His reply had me hot, tingly and instantly moist. He teams Alaskan Malamutes and they are all MALE.

He felt the best time for me to come out, would be in the mid-Spring. Most of the storms would have passed and I would have some pleasant weather, still the cold, but able to get around more and see more of the country side. He told me what to pack and said he had plenty of cold weather gear for me to use, so I was not to worry about that. I was grateful, because down in Texas, we don’t have much need for that type of clothing and finding it would have been difficult.

It took me three months before I saved up enough money for my trip; that gave Drake and I a number of chances for short notes back and forth… mostly him checking on my commitment to the trip and keeping me updated on weather. I
found I hope quiet little ways to ask him about his dog team.

A few days before my flight was scheduled to depart, he asked if I would send a photo, so he would be able to recognize me at the airport. I said sure, not a problem. So I sent off one of me, in my normal attire of jeans and t-shirt, hair having a mind of its own and a big smile on my face. I didn’t think to ask for a photo of him and some would probably say I was foolish to agree to stay out away from it all, with only a man that I barely knew, for a neighbor. I never had any concerns for my safety at all, and felt very comfortable, even from our first contact.

As the plane pulled up to the terminal, I kept shifting in my seat, legs constantly moving in anticipation. The silk long underwear beneath my jeans felt wonderful against my skin, and I noticed I was becoming very aroused in all of my excitement. My breasts felt full and heavy beneath the silk shirt, thermal top and my unbuttoned flannel. The plane came to a stop and I quickly leaped to my feet, throwing my backpack over one shoulder and reaching overhead to my suitcase

I didn’t want to waste anytime being stuck down in baggage claim. I moved quickly towards the door of the plane and headed down to the baggage area, where I was supposed to meet Drake. My hair was flying around my face, probably looking a mess, as I moved through the other passengers, eager to step out in the Alaskan sunshine. I came to the escalator and paused before stepping on. I was so energized, my body humming in anticipation of my vacation.

I looked around but didn’t notice anyone holding a sign, chuckling to myself as I realized I had no idea what Drake looked like. Once on the bottom floor I walked towards the exit, looking for a sign or something, letting me know someone was here. After about 15 minutes, I began to grow a little concerned, standing off to side, nibbling on one finger. I reached into my backpack for my cell, when I felt a hand touch the back of my hair.

I spun around startled, staring into an olive green shirt, covering a well built chest. My eyes travelled slowly upward until I looked up at the stunning man before me. I felt my jaw drop, as my eyes ran over his handsome face, looking intently into his chocolate eyes. Oh sweet heaven! I took a step back, so I could get a better look at the proud man before me. He stood silently, letting my eyes run over his body, a smirk on his full lips.

He wore a tan leather jacket, snug across his broad shoulders. Tight, form fitting blue jeans, worn in spots, covered his muscular legs and I felt a blush steal over my cheeks when I glanced quickly at his fly. Mmmmmm dogfuck stories…….a sleeping giant lay at rest there and my mouth began to water. Men don’t normally make me feel desire so quickly, the dogs have always been what bring about an instant yearning in my body and mind. My pussy winked and I felt her become moist, letting me know she was very happy with the male in front of her.

He reached out a hand towards me, introducing himself. “Hello Rochelle. I’m Drake. I’ll be your companion and guide while you’re in Alaska.”

I reached out, feeling his hand completely envelop mine, my skin pale against his mahogany flesh. Light to his darkness, my pussy winked again. It took me a moment for my mouth and brain to work together, before I could reply back to him.

“Hello Drake. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I felt myself blush more, feeling like a young adult instead of a mature woman. This was embarrassing and I was kicking myself inside, for being such a moron.

Letting go of my hand Drake reached for my suitcase, resting a warm palm on my lower back, he leaned towards my face, “Shall we go? I’m sure your ready to begin your adventure.”

“Oh yes Drake. I’m more than ready for my adventure. I’m so excited to be here.” I turned my head to smile at him and our lips almost met. A spark shot through me and I saw his eyes flare a bit. Hmmmm…..something was happening here.

I felt delticate and feminine with his body shadowing mine as we left the airport. The fresh air filled my lungs when we stepped outside. I drew the air deep into my lungs, my chest rising, breasts lifting against my shirt. The air was crisp, chilly, but the warmth from the man beside me, kept me from feeling the cold. We walked for a bit, my eyes taking in the bright sunshine. Drake stopped us beside a tall silver pickup.

Wondering how I was going to climb inside, I paused when I heard a bark. I turned to glance at him, a questioning look upon my face. He smiled down at me, before unlocking the door. I stepped back as the door opened and inside sat a full
grown Alaskan Malamute. He was a beautiful beast, in the colors of grey and white - his almond shaped brown eyes full of intelligence as he looked down at me.

“Rochelle, meet Duke. Duke, say hello to the pretty lady.”

Drake stood with his shoulder propped against the truck, arms crossed over his chest, watching my every move as I moved closer to Duke. My heart started pounding, blood pumping quickly through my body, my whole body electrified. Duke held up his right paw and I reached with my right hand to shake true stories of dog sex. He stretched out his muzzle and I leaned even closer, letting go of his paw, to run my fingers through his thick full coat.

The softness felt like down beneath my palm, and I scratched him behind one ear, watching his eyes close in appreciation. I felt my mouth spread wide and I knew I was beaming from ear to ear, laughter bubbling from my lips. Overflowing with joy, I reached out with my other hand to squeeze Drake’s, looking over at him. He smiled at me, white teeth showing and moved to stand behind me.

“Duke is my lead dog and the alpha of the bunch. They are a team and work very well together, but all the dogs know he is the boss. I knew how excited you were about being with the dogs, so I thought you might enjoy his company on the drive out to my home.” With that he reached for my waist, lifting me easily, placing me inside the truck and buckling my seatbelt.

Duke sat close beside me as Drake closed the door and I burrowed my face against his neck, squeezing him against me. The feel of his fur against my throat, sent tingles through me and I wanted so much to be naked with this dog covering
me. Trying to calm the wicked thoughts running through my mind, I took silent deep breaths as Drake climbed in the cab. Firing up the engine we headed away from the airport, driving out of town. Drake told me the drive would last for about
45 minutes, before we reached our destination.

I looked out the window as the town fell away and I saw the snow covered ground, reaching for my sunglasses, I was amazed at the beauty before me. Duke not wanting to be ignored, licked my left cheek making me sigh in delight and I rubbed my cheek along his muzzle, the feelings running through my body almost overpowering my senses. I thought of my dog at home and wondered how Duke’s tongue would feel licking along my secret places, teasing me. I bit back a moan,
not wanting to give myself away to Drake.

Turning off the gravel highway, Drake shifted into 4-wheel drive and headed over the snow, I could see smoke rising from two chimneys in the distance. We pulled in front of a quaint log cabin and I could see the much larger one, hidden by trees off to the right. I unbuckled my seat belt, opening the passenger door. Duke leaped over me, landing quietly on the snow below, stretching quickly into a run, giving me a spectacular view of him with his tail held high. Drake came around and we were almost eye level now. Neither one of us said anything and he reached for me.

Drawing me close, he pulled me from the cab, my hands went to his shoulders feeling the supple leather and the strength beneath. Our breath mingled in the air around us as he slowly let me slide down the front of his body, my nipples drawing up tight, brushing down his muscular chest. I felt the bulge of his cock beneath his jeans, rub against my mound as he settled me before him. We were both breathing a little heavy and my hair blew around my face in the soft breeze. He reached forward and tucked a curl behind my ear.

“Let’s get you inside. After your long flight I thought you might like to rest and relax. I have some stew in the cabin for you, after a hot bath, you’ll sleep like a baby.”

Inside we went, Drake holding my hand so I didn’t slip on the porch. The cabin was warm and cozy, a fire banked in the fire place. Off to one side was a door leading to a bedroom and another doorway led to a bath with a an old claw footed
tub. After making sure I was settled and knew where everything was, he showed me the radio, that connected to his house and started to go out the door.

“Oh, by the way, there is a doggie door, so I didn’t want you to be surprised if one of the dogs, mainly Duke came inside to visit you. None of them will harm you, but I just want you to be aware.” With those final words, he bid me good night and closed the front door quietly.

I was tired after 13 hours of traveling time, so I put my suitcase in the bedroom, staring in awe at the large glass double doors, looking out to the land behind the cabin. It was a beautiful sight. The cabin was so warm, I decide to grab out one of my large flannel shirts and some thick socks, nothing else would be needed for sleeping. I went to the bathroom and ran a long hot bath, hopefully not using all the hot water, I soaked and washed my body. The water felt heavenly, and finally I drew myself out with a yawn. I rubbed coconut lotion all over my body and towel dried my hair before heading back to the bedroom.

I stopped in the doorway, there in the middle of the bed was Duke. Laying across most of the bed, his head resting on his paws, he stared at me. My skin became flushed, my nipples hard pebbles beneath my shirt and my pussy began to slowly
wink horse bestiality. My juices starting to slowly flow, my lips dampening between my thighs.

“So, your sleeping with me tonight Duke?”

With a husky chuckle I moved towards the bed climbing upon the covers, watching him roll over to look at me better. I reached out running my hands along his side, feeling the muscles and bone beneath. He was such a handsome, seductive animal and I leaned forward to rub my face against him. I stretched out along the bed beside him, his tail moving over my bare thighs and looking into his face, I watched his tongue come out to lick across my lips. I moaned with pleasure, opening my mouth to touch his tongue with my own. I rolled over onto my back, as he licked at my tongue in an erotic french kiss.

We continued kissing, my fingers moving along his fur, moving my body closer to his. He stood over me then, his tongue never leaving mine, my body squirming against the covers, legs spreading wide. Stepping between my thighs with his rear
feet, he kept his two front feet on either side of my chest. I arched my back to feel closer to him, wanting his weight upon my body. My squirming increased, making my shirt rise, leaving my pussy bare and exposed. Duke was now licking over my throat and down the vee of my flannel.

I quickly unbuttoned the shirt, his tongue following the path of my fingers. I reached for my breasts, lifting them up, offering my nipples to his mouth. He laid down covering my body with his. I could feel his sheath rub my lips and the
hardness inside of it. I wrapped my legs gently around his body, crossing my ankles over his back. He continued licking at my nipples as my body arched up against him, head falling back in pure bliss. My hips started rocking against him,
pressure building low in my belly, making me grip his fur tight.

I felt a sharp nip at my nipple and looked up into his brown eyes, my heart pounding fiercely as I struggled to breathe. I wanted to bring him pleasure, but I knew I couldn’t take much more, my desire growing out of control. He nipped again at my nipple, my breath coming out in a hiss, humping his sheath against me twice.

“I know what you want lover, I want it too.”

Pushing against his chest, Duke stood over me and I got my first glance at his cock. Pink and shiny, long and thicker than any I’ve taken before, it protruded from his belly. I had to have at least a taste, just one lick, so I slid my body down
the bed a bit and reached for his sheath. Curling my fingers around the base filling his knot starting to form, he stepped over my hips looking down at me, giving him one last lust filled glance I took the head of his cock in my mouth.

Careful of my teeth, I slid him deep in my mouth, his cock gliding over my tongue, before brushing the back of my throat. He humped towards my mouth and I moved my head back and forth, tasting his pre-cum on my tongue. Not wanting our lovemaking to end here, I groaned as I pulled away from his cock, giving the tip one final lick and started to roll over underneath him. I shimmied out of my shirt, naked beneath him except for my thick socks, arching my ass up towards him. He stepped back, allowing me to get on all fours, before lifting himself over my body.

My breath came out in woosh, when his full weight covered me. I let out a moan as his first thrust missed it mark, turning to a gasp, when his next thrust hit home. He gripped me tighter, claws holding me and his hips thrust deep strokes, the
sounds of his breathing and his cock piercing my pussy filling my ears. I braced my arms on the bed and lifted my ass a little higher, pushing back against him, letting him take me as he wanted. The pressure in my womb increased to the point
of pain, his cock rubbing against my inner walls and with a loud moan I felt myself let go.

My orgasm hit me fast, hard and it was as relentless as the thrusting of Duke’s cock inside me. My muscles clenching tighter, I felt his knot slam against my lips, he pulled me even harder making me cry out as his claws pierced my flesh and
with a hard thrust his knot entered my pussy, making me tremble at the stinging pain. My moans didn’t stop, a constant whimpering flowing from my mouth becoming louder and louder until his cum began to shoot inside me. At the feel of his heated seed showering my insides, my head arched back and I screamed, orgasming like I never have before. He rested his muzzle along my cheek and I reached up to hold his face close to mine, body shaking uncontrollably, this gorgeous canine my only link to the world around me.

We stayed together knotted and tied, when I felt him lift off of me and begin to turn. At the feeling of his huge knot turning inside me, I saw stars for a moment, feeling faint from the sensation. My arms collapsed beneath me leaving my ass high in the air for him. I felt him lay down, our bodies still joined and I whispered a soft “Thank you”. Our breathing was heavy and I felt another orgasm rush through my body, making me twitch on the covers of the bed, nails gripping so tightly, my fingers ached free beastiality videos. I gently rocked against him wanting the pleasure to last as long as possible. My rocking became softer as his knot slowly shrunk inside my wet pussy.

I felt very tender when he untied us from each other, gasping as our juices leaked over my lips, spilling onto the covers beneath. My eyes were fluttering shut, exhaustion taking over my body, when I felt Duke’s tongue between my thighs. I
moaned some more, his gentle touch easing my tender flesh. My eyes were heavy now and my body growing limp, when I felt the bed shift slightly beneath me. I spread my legs a little wider and the feeling of two tongues licking me, made a
soft sigh spill from my mouth…………..two tongues?

With what little strength I had, I pushed up to my elbows and looked down my body, my eyes blinking a few times, not believing what I was seeing. There between my spread thighs was Drake and Duke, both licking at my pussy. Drake
reached up with one hand, pushing me back down to the bed. Unable to do anything to stop him and honestly having no desire too, I pivoted my ass up towards those two eager tongues. I heard Drake moan, feeling the vibrations on my swollen lips.

I felt his long fingers gently pull my lips wider apart, opening my pussy up to his mouth and his tongue licking deeply, drinking up the juices from my mating. It was all too much, one of my secret fantasies come to life and letting out a cry, I orgasmed once more. My body so worn out, so thoroughly loved, I could only twitch and shake against Drake’s tongue. His hands moved over my ass and beneath my hips, lifting me tight against his mouth, catching every drop of my juice for his delight. As my twitching subsided, he gave me one last long lick, before moving over my body, his skin hot against my flesh. I felt his cock rub against me and him tilt it down to enter my pussy.

“I can’t Drake, I don’t think I can take anymore.” Even as I said this, I felt my body welcome him, opening for him, pushing back against his cock, his balls resting now on my clit.

“Shhh baby, I’m only going to hold you for a while. Just relax and feel my arms around you.” Drake stared down at the woman beneath him, the feel of her warm pussy along with Duke’s cum covering his cock, making him hardpressed to hold
back from driving hard and fast inside her. He wondered what she’d say, when he told her about knowing her from the zoo site, recognizing her writing style in the messages they shared planning her trip. He thrust his hips slowly, gently and carefully, spooning her in the protection of his arms. He inhaled deeply, the scent of lust and desire heavy in the air, making the fine hairs stand up along his body.

Mmmmm…….. Mega bestiality.he sure did love the taste of her cream and couldn’t wait for more. Shifting over to the side, so as not to squish her with his weight, Drake ran a hand over her soft ass, smiling at the panther he saw tattooed there. Ahhh…..her name makes sense now, Pantharas was very fitting for this lady.

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