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We all ate breakfast, and Hank and I went out for another romp, but he was really getting in a bad way from smelling Tina’s powerful in-heat scent, and not getting to breed her. I felt sorry for him, and we had to put him back out in the garage. Paige came up with an idea to play somewhat of a trick on Phil when he came over. I couldn’t wait to see Schultz and see how he would react to me.

About 10:00 o’clock, there was a knock on the door, and Paige let Phil and Schultz in. I stayed in the kitchen. Schultz immediately started sniffing the air loudly.

“Do you smell our new pups, Schultzie?” Paige asked. “Come on in, Phil, and get comfortable. Scott will be here in a few minutes. In the meantime, I’ll get us some snacks together. I’m going to bring Hank out so you two can meet him. “

She opened the kitchen door and I came `out` into the living room. Phil was sitting on the sofa still holding on to Schultz’s guide dog harness handle. Schultz was very interested in me and looked at me intently, but his hackles weren’t up at all. I smelled only confidence and friendliness from him. I walked over to him and touched noses and licked him on the cheek, then walked up beside him so he could check me out. He sniffed me carefully, and then whined, and I knew, without a doubt that he somehow recognized me. He started panting happily, wagging, and was glad to see me.

“Schultzie, have you found you a buddy?” Phil asked, easily picking up on Schultz’s happiness. “Come here, Hank, so I can meet you”.

I moved over to Phil and he started petting me, and scratching my ears and back gay dog sex. Boy, that felt good! I could really tell that Phil knew how to be good to a dog. He started scratching my ribs right behind my left front leg and I started kicking my back leg and thumping the floor loudly.

Phil laughed, “You like that boy? You’re a BIG boy, aren’t you? And a good boy too!” And I couldn’t help it and gave him a quick lick on the cheek, then put my paw up on his knee in a gesture of friendship. He picked my paw up in his hand and shook it and continued scratching me, as I leaned into his hand.

About that time, Paige came back in the room carrying a tray of goodies, set them on the coffee table and brought in some cold sodas for Phil and her.

“Well, it looks like you guys are getting along just fine!” she said.

“Paige, this is a whopper of a German Shepherd!” Phil said. “I didn’t know they came this big. And he sure is a nice dog.”

“Thannk youuu!” I said as clearly as I could, Phil’s hand still on my head, petting me.

“What???” Phil answered with surprise in his voice. Schultz was looking at me with his ears perked up all the way and his head tilted to the side, listening intently.

I sssaid thank youu. And you’rrre a good guy, tooo.”

Phil jerked his hand back in shock, and his body stiffened. “What the HELL!!!? Is this a freakin’ robot or something?” His butt was coming up off the sofa as he recoiled away from me, and he looked like he was about to break and run.

“Phil, it’s ok. This is what we wanted to talk to you about, “ Paige said quickly, sitting down beside him on the sofa and putting her arm around him to reassure him. He started to calm down some.

Then she continued, “Now, I know this is going to be hard to believe, but there’s no use beating around the bush about it. Scott has been changed into a dog. And we’ll tell you how it happened in just a minute dog xxx bestiality.” Phil’s face had a look of complete disbelief on it.

“Philll, thiss rrreallly iss mmee. I’mmm Sscott, but I’mm a Gerrmann Shhepherrd nnoww,” I said, still learning how to talk with my new canine muzzle, teeth, and much larger tongue. “You’rrre ourrr frriennd, nn wwee wwanted to llet you know.”

“Damn!!! You’re not shittin’ me, are you?” he said, still stunned, but his voice changing to a tone of acceptance.

“Nno!” I said. “Yyou’rre onne of mmy favorrite turrdss.” He and Paige laughed, and that was the moment that he believed us. I actually smelled and felt his fear and confusion change to calm and curiosity.

“God, I’ve got a thousand questions, but first, come here and let me feel you again,” Phil said.

“Okay, you cann sscrratch my earrrss ssomme morre,” I said, rooting my muzzle up under his hand.

“Like hell! You can scratch your own damn flea-bit ears,” he said and tweaked the end of my nose and pulled my ear playfully.

He ran his hands down and then back up my back, hips and tail, rubbing, kneading and feeling, felt up and down my legs and shoulders, felt around on my paws and pastern area, around my neck, down my ribs, chest and under my belly, felt around on my head, my muzzle, and my ears. He even stuck his fingers in my mouth a little and felt my teeth. I could tell that he was checking specific things all over my body, not just randomly feeling around on me, and that he knew what he was doing. Then he buried his nose in the fur on my neck and sniffed deeply.

“You’re one helluva big dog. And you feel like a perfectly conformed specimen of an Eastern European or Russian-bred German Shepherd Dog, but much larger than usual. And you even smell like a German Shepherd,” Phil finally said after examining me thoroughly.

“You don’t know the half of the ‘much larger than usual’ part,” Paige said joking sarcastically and rolling her eyes.

“Too Much Information!! TMI ! TMI !” he said laughing. “Now, tell me what the hell happened? What caused this?”

Paige proceeded to tell Phil EVERYTHING, in detail, and I added a few words here and there and we answered lots of questions that he asked dog sex gallery. I was somewhat embarrassed as she related the details of our sexual adventures of the past two days, but it was a necessary detail of my transformation, and our initial search for a reversal of the curse. Phil took it all in, unflinching. Then he asked me a lot of questions about my decision to complete the transformation and remain a dog for the rest of my life. It took me a while to answer his questions and explain my feelings, since I was still learning how to speak clearly. And it took a while for me to articulate what went on in my mind. Paige also told him about her firm decision to stay with me, and how she loved me totally, even in canine form.

I ended up by telling him that I didn’t want to become a burden on anybody, and that I wanted to come up with a way to support myself and my family. I had a few ideas, but I told him that we needed help and ideas from someone else, that we could trust. Paige and I also sincerely thanked him for the help he had already given us. As we talked to Phil, I could tell that he was immersing himself in this adventure, and I could see the gears turning in his mind. He was one smart cookie, and I was glad he was on our side.

“So that’s it. You are now fully up-to-date on the whole situation,” Paige said. “What do you think?”

Phil sat thinking for a few moments and finally spoke. “Absolutely astounding!” he answered. “I’m totally blown away…. My whole outlook on the world has changed. I had always wanted to believe in the unseen world, but this sorta rubs your nose in it. But one thing is for sure: We, and especially you, my friend,” he said patting my head, “ are in for one hell of an adventure.”

He continued, “ And I have to say, if I had my sight back, and had the same opportunity as you, I’d make the same decision as you. I believe you’ve chosen wisely. I’ve often wished I could trade places with Schultzie, here big dog sex.”

“Also, I totally agree with your decision to keep your true identity secret,” he said. “You are probably right; if the government gets wind of this, you’ll end up in some lab or locked up for the rest of your life.”

“Now, to maximize your success as a German Shepherd Dog, you need a pedigree, just like the ‘Tin Man’ in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ needed a testimonial. And I’ve got an idea how to get one.”

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