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After turning Tina loose in the house, Paige left with Hank on a leash, along with Phil and Schultz, for the six-block walk to their home. Tina came bouncing up to me playfully and licked me on the face profusely. The effect of her erotic scent on me was immediate. I felt myself becoming aroused and losing control again. She turned her rear towards me with her tail cocked over to the side, exposing her sex to me and looking back over her shoulder at me seductively. Sticking my nose against her vulva, I inhaled her intoxicating scent and started licking her as deeply as I could. She responded by spreading her back legs slightly wider apart and lowering her hips slightly, a sign of submission to me. Her scent and taste were pure ambrosia to me, but the growing fire in my cock could only be quenched deep inside her cunt.

With a movement that was pure instinct, I mounted her easily, gripping her waist with my front legs. Hunching my hips forward, I felt the end of my cock probe her vulva area. I steadied myself and eased my hips forward again, feeling with my cock. Then I felt my cock part her labia and enter the hot, tight, moist, velvet smooth nirvana of her vagina. I plunged my expanding cock quickly forward into her, burying it, knot and all deep into her. My body responded automatically with a jack-hammering hunching of my hips. I could feel my cock and knot growing rapidly insider her, locking us together. She clamped down on my cock with her cunt muscles, drawing me deeper inside her and turning me on even more.

I gripped her tighter with my front legs and pulled her back harder into my hips, impaling her ever deeper on my massive tool. I had her gripped so tightly with her hips so compressed between my front legs, that I could feel my cock pistoning inside her. She was whimpering through multiple orgasms and I could feel the pressure and pleasure building and radiating out of my cock and balls. My neck bowed and I gripped her neck in my jaws, pulling her back tighter into me, as my cock throbbed and moved closer to total detonation. My knot felt like it was going to explode and rip her asunder. The knot was so tight inside her now that my burning mass of cock-flesh couldn’t slide inside her at all anymore, but rather her body was being jerked back and forth by the hunching of my hips.

I felt the first wave of cum start to rush down the length of my cock, and I concentrated on blasting it into the furthest depths of her uterus and ovaries and fertilizing all of her waiting eggs women stories of having sex with dogs. My cum spewed forth from my throbbing puppy maker in massive hot jets, inflating her womb, and I could feel my cock convulsing inside her. Tina’s cunt spasmed through yet another orgasm, gripping me even tighter, and milking my love juice into her. As my balls emptied into Tina’s red-hot, tightly stretched vagina and uterus, the hunching of my hips slowed and then stopped. We both stood there panting, and I could feel her body quivering slightly. Tina looked back at me with an expression of pure love and happiness, and I could smell and feel those same emotions emanating from her. The depth and sincerity of those emotions surprised me coming from a canine. I felt my heart leap in my chest. Then she reached up and tenderly licked my nose and cheeks and I reciprocated.

I was worried about all my weight being on her back, and instinctively, I slipped off of her and lifted one of my back legs up over her back and turned around butt-to-butt with her, but still very firmly tied. My cock was still throbbing and squirting cum deeply inside her, and I felt her shudder and heard a faint little moan as she had yet another orgasm. We remained tied like this for about a half hour and then Paige came home.

“Hey there!! What’s going on in here?” she asked, joking. Then she knelt down beside us and petted and scratched us both. Tina gently started easing down and I carefully laid down too, and we both relaxed, stretching out on the floor, while Paige continued to caress us. I said a prayer in my heart, hoping that I had impregnated Tina, and the thought of my sperm fertilizing her eggs and my offspring growing inside her kept me turned on and sustained my erection even longer. Paige ran her hand down between us, exploring and moving it to Tina’s vaginal opening, and after rubbing on her labia briefly, slipped a finger inside Tina’s cunt and felt around, rubbing on the back side of my still throbbing knot.

The feeling of Paige rubbing the back of my knot and the cock shaft behind it caused my hips to start hunching again. I got back to my feet and stepped back over Tina, my cock pulling her hips up off of the floor. Tina got her back feet under her again and pressed her hips up towards mine as my body went into auto-pilot again in a new frenzy of humping. I humped like crazy for another five minutes and could feel another load of cum building up in me, as my cock grew again to full hardness. Paige slid her other hand down between my legs and started caressing and rubbing my balls, driving me wild with lust until I unleashed another massive barrage of hot, boiling jism deep into Tina’s already cum-bloated womb. Paige kissed me passionately and I plunged my tongue into the depths of her mouth and throat. Then I felt Tina also licking the sides of my muzzle and cheek first dog sex experience stories. The experience of being loved by these two wonderful females just served to prolong my orgasm.

I finally was able to slow my panting enough to speak. “God, I love youu, Paige…. And I love youu tooo Tina. Goood Girrrl !!” I panted out.

We stayed tied for another fifteen minutes or so, until my knot subsided enough that the considerable pressure in Tina’s stuffed and cum-inflated cunt pushed my cock out of her with a large plop and a geyser of cum. Tina immediately went across the room, laid down, and started licking herself clean. I instinctively did the same, while Paige cleaned up the mess we left on the floor. I found that I really liked the taste of our mixed love juices that I licked off of my cock as it retreated back into its sheath.

“Next time, we’re going to spread an old blanket on the floor before the love making festivities,” Paige said with a wry grin on her face.

“Sorrry abouut that. Nn I’mm sorrry I’mm nnot mmuch help cleannin’ it up.” I said, earnestly feeling remorse that came through in my voice.

“It’s ok, Sweetie,” she said coming over to me and hugging me tightly. “I love you anyway, and it’s really no problem at all.” Paige just had a way of relieving my worries. She buried her nose in the fur of my neck and inhaled deeply. “I even love the way you smell. Phil said German Shepherds naturally smell a lot better than other dogs, and I always thought Schultzie smelled good, but you smell even better.”

“Thannk you sooo much, Paige. Forr everything,” I said with appreciation. “Howw did Hannk dooo?” I added.

“He was pretty wild and horny when we first left,” Paige related amateur zoo sex. “But after we got a couple of blocks away, he started calming down and by the time we got to Phil’s, he and Schultz were ready for a romp, and he ran off a lot of pent-up energy. Then he settled in like he owned the place. He’s doing great, and he and Schultz are getting along really well“

That was good news. I asked her what she thought about Phil’s recommendations, and like me, she was pretty amazed at Phil’s ingenuity and grasp of the situation, and thankful that we had let him in on our secret. She also liked the name ‘Rex’. A little later, she got on the phone and called the professors of her first two Monday classes and explained to them that she had a very good friend that had something come up that required them to go to the doctor first thing in the morning and had no other way of getting there, and she was going to take him. They readily accepted her excuse, since she was a good student, who participated a lot, and rarely missed class.

Paige and I decided that we needed to call my professors and offer some explanation for my absence. The most plausible excuse we could come up with was that I had been injured in a mountain biking accident back home (several states away) and had been disfigured quite badly. Then we used my cell phone, set on the “speakerphone” setting, to call all of my professors. Paige started the conversations, telling them that I had had an accident and wouldn’t be able to come to class, probably for the rest of the semester. Then I spoke and told them that I was messed up pretty bad all over my body and didn’t know if I would ever be able to complete my master’s degree. I told them that I was considering just going ahead and dropping all my classes.

They all asked questions, which, to my surprise, we apparently fielded to their satisfaction. My changed voice sounded very convincingly like I had been injured and was having trouble talking, which, in truth, I was. Amazingly, every one of my profs offered to help in any way possible, and offered to let me complete my studies online, if I could manage that. The fact that I, also, was a good student, who rarely missed classes, and participated actively in class, was probably a major factor in the generosity of their offers. I sincerely thanked them, and told them I would keep in touch. We both felt relieved getting that behind us.

Paige went over to my dorm room and got my books, laptop, some CD’s and a few other things, while I stayed home and napped with Tina, glad for the rest after our extended lovemaking. We both were sated for now, and my fatigue made it easy to resist her still powerful scent. Paige had decided that I would move in with her permanently, and I agreed. While out, she picked up some groceries, and also purchased a speaker phone for her home, so that I would have a way to answer and talk on the phone, if necessary anal dog sex cum. Her idea, and I was proud of her for thinking of it.

And she showed me another surprise: a collar and leash. It felt strange having Paige snap that collar around my neck… I couldn’t help but think of the people that I’d seen that were into BDSM, and what those items meant to them. But, to me, they were merely items necessary for my travels in public. And because it was Paige putting that collar on me, it was almost a badge of honor.

Paige cooked us a dinner of marinated steaks on the grill, baked a couple of potatoes, and made a salad. My steak was done medium-rare, just the way I liked it, but the smell of it cooking had a much stronger effect on me as a dog than it did as a human. I was literally drooling by the time she had dinner on the table. She had buttered my potato and put sour cream on it and mashed it up some so I could eat it easily, and also cut up my steak, and put dressing on my salad and tossed it for me. And she served my iced tea in a big bowl. It struck me how dependent I was going to be on her. I could help her very little in my present state, and I wondered if she would be able to do this long term. It wasn’t really fair for her to have to wait on me hand and foot. I started to have doubts about this decision to remain a dog. About then she asked me to come to the table and pulled out a chair for me.

I hopped up into my chair, and then she did something that completely surprised me. She reached out and took my paw in her hand and bowed her head and said a blessing…a very sincere blessing. She said thanks for the meal, our health, our friends, the great opportunity that lay before us, and for her ability to help me. She ended by saying thanks for knowing me, and for my courage to live this new life, and asked for guidance in knowing the best way to help me, and wisdom for us both to know the right things to do. Thankfulness and appreciation welled up into my heart. She had totally removed my doubts. I was reaffirmed that my decision was a good one. And I said thanks in my heart for Paige fantasy animal sex. I was so touched that I would have shed a tear, if I were still human.

Then she looked up at me with a look of total love, affection, and acceptance. The smell and feel of those emotions also poured out of her and permeated my senses, confirming what I saw in her face and eyes. Then she picked up a bite of steak off of my plate, and placing it in my mouth, tenderly spoke, barely above a whisper, “Eat your dinner before I throw it to the dog”. She had that little, wry grin on her face.

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