man having sex with farm animal

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i am a 40 yr old brunette 36d-24-36 5′4″ not hard to look at. This is an experience which took place. My husband left for work the kids also were gone i was wearing my kemona and decided to go weed in the garden . I was busy on knees pulling weeds when i felt a cold nose slip under my kemona, i was shocked to see a big dog zoo best sex. I yelled at him and he looked up and just barred his teeth i did not know what to do, he nudge my ass and my kemono lifted showing my bare ass ,i tried again to shoe him away but this time he growled and nipped me on the ass.The next thing i knew he was lapping at my pussy which was now really wet i was in shock.He then lifted himself onto my back and began to hump i could not call for help because the nearest neighbour is a mile away.The next thing he did was grab my neck with his teeth ,I thought god is he going to kill me then it happened he entered my pussy and was humping like mad female dog only sex.I could not believe what was happening, me on my knees kemono up to my ribs, tits swinging to his humping and i was starting to respond to my rape.His cock was now fully lodged into me and felt huge larger than my husband i began to hump back. I could feel warm squirts in me and i began to cum he just kept on hammering my pussy and then i felt something even bigger enter me he let go of my neck and howled as i felt him unleash a large amount of cum i came again. He now was panting i looked and saw my belly strechted and my pussy was expanded i felt like i was on cloud nine warm and fully f***** stories farm sex. I was now whimpering and still cumming and humping back to him suddenly he turned and i could see we were stuck together i began to cry not knowing what was going to happen. Next he pulled and i felt him pull so i tried to move back with him. I again looked under and i could not believe how large he was and he was fuuly into me we stayed for about 10 minutes i came about three more time then he popped out and strted to lick my pussy clean and i came again.
Then as quick as he came he just turnrd and trotted off.

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