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Hey everyone it’s Sage! This just happened thursday! My friend Brittany was an actual virgin! Nothing has *touched* her. She said there was no guy she felt would love her. So, yesterday I asked what guys does she love. Her answer was her dog Mikey and her dad. I knew doing her dad wans’t an option. But I thought about it and dropped little hints all day until when we were both alone at the beach I told her about my dog and I first dog sex experience stories.

She sounded grossed out but at the same time interested. Then I gave her all the cool perks. Can’t get pregnant, dog can’t tell anyone, you can do anything and the dog is willing. After an hour she agreed to f*** Mikey. I went home with her after picking up Mikey and Madison and her dog Duke. We all went into my room with our dogs farm sex story. Madison was showing Brittany how to get the dog hard. Britt’s dog was fully hard and humping her hand before my dog or Duke was coming out. Britt looked at the shots of precum.

Then Britt’s animal side came out. She shot the precum all on her tits and rubbed it in her pussy. All of a sudden she was sucking Mikey’s cock! I started to suck my dogs and madison followed my first sex with a horse. After a few seconds we all swallows the precum and I got mounted fisrt. Then Madison, and finally with some coaxing Mikey mounted Britt. I showed Britt how to gide the dogs cock in her. Without warning her and the dog were so lubed up from the precum that Mikey shot all eight inches inside Britt at once breaking her *flower*. Britt was moaning and slightly crying. Mikey started fucking so fast and so hard I was getting surprised dog cumshots video. I finally felt the moment that my dog shot for. His knot shot inside me and he was still fucking me! I was moaning/screaming in explosive orgasms. Then I heard Madison just plain out screaming through her orgasm. I looked up and saw that Mikey was pullinback to shoot the knot in.

With a great push the knot popped into Britt. She was screaming and shaking like mad forced dog sex. But she was say that the knot was growing and growing. I already knew this so I told her to calm down and just wait for him to pop out. It twoo almost two hours but Mikey popped out. With the dog licking themselves. I cleaned up myself and britt. I laid Britt in the bed; when she woke up she insisted on her, madison and I all f*** eachother. I shrugged. We had a quick three some and We ALL went back for round to with our dogs around 4:00 in the morning.

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