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Okay, so here’s kinda my story about my lifestyle. See, I basically live like a dog, have been for a few years, with my one and only mate Sunwheat, a beautiful golden retriever. So uh..well anyway I just felt like I’d finally tell my story some. Excuse me if it’s kinda..I don’t know, I’m not use to writing this kinda thing. Anyway, here it goes…

So It really started when I was still living with my parents. I had dabbled online with researching beastiality and zoophilia, found it kinda arousing in a dark fantastical kinda way. Then one day, I don’t know why even to this day, but I was home during the summer, and laying on my bed. It was hot and I had shucked all but my bra and underwear since I was alone. Well my lovely dog Sunwheat came in, sitting at the foot of my bed where my legs dangled off, looking all cute obviously wanting some petting. So I sat up, scooted to the end of the bed and scratched and petted him for a few minutes.
Well when I decided to stop, my loveable doggie stuck his cold nose against my inner thigh and it felt nice. Then came his tongue and I gasped at the sensation of it, rough against my smooth skin. IT wasn’t like I was a virgin, so this wasn’t new to me what I was feeling, but it was from my dog! I was shocked, and he kept nuzzling and licking, and soon I found myself moaning for more. I finally couldn’t take it, my pussy wet with desire for his tongue, and I lifted my legs up and pulled my panties off while laying back in bed big horse cock sex. When I put my legs down and spread them again it look only a second before I felt that rough dog tongue against my wet slit.
Oh god, what a wonderful feeling that was. I was on cloud nine in minutes, my body twitching, moaning as he licked me to orgasm. When I was done I looked down to see my juices on his muzzle and laughed, quickly getting up on shaky legs to bring him into my bathroom to clean him up. Also myself, since my juices here running down my legs. Once cleaned up and back in my room though I had this overwhelming feeling of shame come down on me. I felt dirty, and despite how good it felt, I felt like what I did was wrong.
Well it was months before I had another experience with him, and during that time I became a bisexual, and dated a couple girls. I think it was because of his pussy licking that I became obsessed with a good tonguing, and guys just couldn’t cut it. But girls, well it was good. And I did start finding them attractive, and while I was a little weirded of my sudden inclusion of finding my own sex attractive, it helped me keep away from thoughts of that time with Sunwheat.

Well needless to say of course, it happened again. I had just broken up with my girlfriend, well she broke up with me really, and I was a mess, I had cared for her deeply, and I thought she felt the same. I was wrong. So in my distraught state I allowed Sunwheat into my bed, and recklessly let him got for my pussy once more. Of course I had a couple beers in me and a thing of Ben & Jerry’s but anyway! So he licked me into sweet sexual oblivion, and I fell asleep with my arms around him. The next morning I knew I just couldn’t resist it any longer. I continued letting him lick me, and god damn it was so good. I realized I had been fooling myself, that no human could lick me the way he does, make me feel so good. I continued to date, though I went back to dating guys mostly. There was one exception, by best friend, Sally dog sex gallery. We were the classic friends from childhood story. We had our ups and downs, but in the end we always remained friends. Well one night of partying we ended up at her place and kinda drunk, we started making out, and it went on to full blown sex. The next morning we decided to not ignore what happened, and tried dating. Needless to say it was great, but we eventually ended things because we both started feeling like we were more friends then a couple.
So I went back to my dog Sunwheat, and it wasn’t long after I finally could afford moving out. My job was starting to pay off, and I was making good money. That and I had a rich grandpa who passed away. It was sad, but at the same time I was glad for the money. I used it to afford a nice, quaint little place with a good size backyard because I was taking Sunwheat with me. So yeah, moved out and when that happened I started doing more research into beastiality and zoophilia again. Reading a lot of stories, some real some fantasies. Then there was the actual research into sex with animals, not all dogs either. It began to give me ideas…..

Okay, there’s the first part. I’ll post more later. Hope it’s okay, I know it’s kinda dull compared with most people’s stories, but I didn’t want to just write about my sexual experiences, because for me it’s more than just sex, me and my mate girls sex with animals. So yeah um…more later.

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