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We brought home my cousin’s dog from the camp that we stayed at on the weekend. We made a place for the dog in the basement and it was happy to have a place to run in our back yard. Our yard is very secluded and private. Things were really sprucing up for me as well, ever since my wife fucked the dog she has been real horny all the time. Last night as we were fucking, I asked if she would like it up the ass, she squealed and quickly got on her knees. I could see marks on her back were the dog had scraped her with its nails but I quickly overcome that and pressed my cock against her butt hole. Slowly I moved my hard cock into her ass, it was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done. Within five minutes I dumped my load in her and collapsed. We quickly kissed and said goodnight. About two hours later I woke up and my wife was out of the bed. I sneaked down to the living room and there she was laying on the couch on her side and the dog stuffing its 10″ cock in her. She had her leg raised so she could see the dog’s cock go in and out and she was moaning a lot. Soon the dog thrusting became faster and faster and then he shot a load into her pussy. The dog got off and my wife offered her juicy pussy to the dog that quickly cleaned up all the mess in her pussy. She put the dog back down stairs and I hurried up to the bed to pretend I didn’t see anything. I guess my wife did not want to know that she still needed to fuck the dog too.

The next day she asked what I was doing and I said I had to go out for a few hours. She said that her best friend Judy was coming over to sunbath in the back yard. She said that Judy is pretty prude and that I should not come out into the yard when they were bathing. I asked if she wanted me to take the dog but she said no it would be fine here.

I left the house and Judy came over. Quickly I turned around and headed downstairs to the window that is at deck level. It is partially covered by the deck but gives a perfect view of the whole deck. The window was opened to so I could hear everything. They were laying on the lounges and enjoying the sun, both had their bikini’s on and having a few drinks. My wife has a nice figure and well proportioned but Judy is a smaller woman with jet-black hear and big tits. She seems to be stuck on herself and hardly gives me the time of day sex orgy with dog. She was asking my wife about the dog and how long we would have it. My wife said the dog is really good to have around the house and keeps her company, if only she knew. The dog would come over to my wife and nudge her and near her pussy, she would push it away. Then the dog would go over to Judy and poke his nose at her pussy too. Judy said she always hated that about dogs; they would always try to sniff our pussy. The girls were getting pretty loose from the heat and the drinks and the language was starting to get more open. Judy normally doesn’t talk dirty at all. My wife says they have good smell and that they do that to find out if a bitch is in heat. The dog kept trying to sniff each girl since it was used to that with my wife. I could tell things were going to get better since the dog’s cock was starting to grow. My wife noticed this and said to Judy that she was having an impact on the dog. She said it was her fertile time and she really gets wet; she looked at the dog’s almost hard cock and said too bad my man doesn’t have a cock like that. They had another drink and I would notice that Judy was staring at the dog’s hardening cock. My wife noticed this to and said that it must not be good for the dog to be in that state. My wife said the dog was getting hornier than ever and said to Judy that her pussy smelt to good for the dog and he was looking for a fuck. Judy said laughingly of I must then be its bitch dog and my wife said yes you have to get down on your fours and wait for it. Judy was a bit tipsy and got out of her chair and got on the deck. Her tits were really straining her top and I could barely see the outline of her pussy. She must keep her pussy hairs trimmed since I could not make out any hairs between her legs. Judy joked and laughed and so did my wife as Judy walked on her fours on the deck. They were not watching the dog that quickly circled around and all of a sudden jumped up on Judy. The weight of the dog pushed Judy down on her elbows and she gasped, the dog’s 10″ cock was sticking through and hitting her tummy. Judy started to cry and wanted the dog off. My wife went up beside Judy and said it was all right, Judy looked at her funny. My wife proceeded to pull Judy’s bikini bottoms down and finally right off. The dog’s cock was running up along her mound now and up to her tummy. I could see Judy’s cunt and what a beauty, it was really wet and had a few black pubes around it Girl having sex with giant horse cock. Judy started to cry more and asked my wife to stop. My wife had this devilish grin on and reached under and grabbed the dogs cock, Judy looked underneath her and could see this. My wife pointed the 10″ cock at Judy’s hole and let about 2″ go in. Judy cried and asked her to stop that she would not be able to handle it. My wife said oh sure you can and in fact you will love to fuck this wonderful cock. My wife let another three inches go in and Judy was still crying, my wife was holding the dog back from humping too fast so Judy could get used to the length. Another 2″ went in and said the dog was now in Virgin territory, Judy started to moan a bit and moved her legs further. Her pussy lips were well stretched around the dog’s cock and I could smell the musky smell from her cunt. I had to be very quiet since I was only two feet from the action. My wife was getting into it too and was rubbing her clit. My wife said to Judy that she was going to stop and Judy said no. My wife let the other 3″ in and Judy was really getting into it. The dog was starting to hump on its own now and my wife knew it wouldn’t be long before it would cum. She quickly stripped down and slide underneath Judy with her pussy at Judy’s face and her face at were the dog was fucking Judy. She propped her head up on a pillow to get her tongue to lick both the dog and Judy’s clit. Judy looked down and saw may wife’s cunt and hesitated at first then started to lick her. My wife and Judy were having an orgasm then suddenly the dog came. Judy jumped as the hot sperm went deep into her womb. Gobs of cum started to come out of Judy’s pussy and landed on my wife’s face. The dog got off and Judy stood up with my wife and started to lick the cum off her face and tits. They slowly kissed and played with each other some more then sat down. My wife said to Judy, isn’t that the best cock you have ever had, Judy smiled and said it was great, you just have to get over the fact that it is a dog but what a fuck.

I looked down and I had cum in my pants too. They quickly put on their bikini’s and headed inside to clean up. I sneaked out the front then pretended to come in. Judy was not shy and said hi. She told my wife that she would like to come over again tomorrow to work on her tan better and relax some more animal bangers.

I asked if everything went ok after Judy left and she said fine. I asked how she liked the dog and she smiled and said it was her new best friend. I looked at her and she told me that perhaps we could get Judy to join us in bed for a threesome. I smiled and thought this dog my not be that bad after all.

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