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BJ has always had at least one lover, boy friend, outside our marriage. Well one day she came home from a “date” and said that the man she had been with offered to pay her to make a video. That sounded great, so I asked her how much he had offered her. She said $500, but it was with a dog!

Whoa!! What a turn-on. She’d always been interested in this sort of thing and once had just missed meeting another woman who had a trained dog. We talked about it for a long time, and then I called the guy – Jerry – and asked him what he was going to do with the video. He said he’d sell it to collectors and it would never appear in the local porn video store. She asked me if she should do it, and of course I said YES! She said she wanted me to go with her because there would be Jerry and the dog owner there, and she wasn’t sure of either of them, and was afraid things might get rough.

On the day she dressed in her nicest lingerie, stockings, garter belt, heels etc. and we drove out to the place where the dog owner lived. Jerry was there and we met the dog, a nice golden lab. We talked for a while and BJ petted the dog, then the owner asked her if she’d ever had sex with a dog before, and when she said no, asked her if she knew about the big knot a dog had on his penis, and when she said yes, he asked her if she was sure she could take it. She said she thought so, but didn’t know. The owner reached into a bag and took out a short fat thing that liked like a bowling pin. He told her that that was the size of his dog’s knot and he’d like to try it in her before they started so that she wouldn’t suddenly stop and say she couldn’t handle it when the dog started to enter her. He showed her into a room handed her the thing and a tube of KY jelly and told her to try it , and if she could take it, to undress down to her underwear. In a few minutes she came out and wow, instant hard-on as she walked out shyly with her head down, but still wearing panties. They stared, I stared, at her nice long legs and we could all imagine the sweet bush between them.

Then Bronco, the dog, came and BJ petted him for a while in front of the camera as she smiled shyly and asked them what they wanted her to do. First the dog owner put little booties on the dog so that he wouldn’t scratch her or rip her underwear. Then he asked her to take off her panties, and sit on the couch and spread her legs so that the dog could lick her vagina. He didn’t seem interested at first, the dog owner reached down between her legs, spread her vagina carefully with his fingers, and stuck some stuff in and around her labia. Seeing him touch her there was a huge turn-on, and from then on, for the next hour or whatever it took, I had a hard, aching erection. Bronco came over and started to lick her and she closed her eyes and caressed his head and made long sighing noises.
“Ooh, that’s nice.” She said, while Jerry took pictures with the video camera.

Then Jerry asked her to rub the dog’s penis and pull the skin back, which she did, skinning back to show a huge red, wet thing, and he zoomed in close with the camera to catch her face as she rubbed it This was driving me wild, here she was showing off everything, while the three of us watched, and with a dog! Looking back I know that many men had seen her naked, sometimes more than two guys at a time, so it was nothing new to her, but I’d never been there when she’d done it.

Then Bronco’s owner said for her to suck it. She jerked away and stood up! No way was she going to suck a dog’s penis!
“I’ve never sucked a one before, and I’m not doing it now!” she shouted at them.

They got into quite a hot argument over this and BJ was ready to get dressed and go home. All the girls did it they said, and even though some didn’t want to at first they all liked it in the end. I kept out of it because I’d have loved to see her do it, but stood beside her while she argued – I’d have been a dead man if I’d supported them. Finally she agreed to make it look as if she had it in her mouth, and Jerry would keep the camera at just the right angle so it would look like the real thing.

She did this for a while as the dog seemed to spray her cheek and it was dripping off her chin, then the dog-man told her to kneel and let the dog come to her. So she knelt and Bronco came around and started sniffing her and licked her some more, but he wasn’t really interested in getting up on her, and when he did he didn’t seem to know what to do.
Jerry said, “I thought your dog was trained!”
“He is!” Dog-man shouted “But I guess he’s just not in the mood. Maybe if she’d just suck on him he’d get the idea.”
“No way do I suck on a dog!” Said BJ.

Well they were getting nowhere, so BJ said she’d pretend to take in her mouth again, then she’d kneel again and if he wouldn’t stick it in her, she’d let dog-man try to put it in sex with a werewolf. This would be tricky because Jerry would try to keep dog-man out of the picture.

So she went ahead and simulated sucking Bronco’s penis, and by now it was dripping wet, and the wetness was dripping down her cheek and off her chin. Then she turned around to let him mount her, and he licked her again, both her vagina and her anus, all of which she seemed to be enjoying. Then he mounted her, but couldn’t get it in her, it kept on sliding off to one side or underneath her, even when she reached down and tried to guide it in. Finally dog-man bent over behind then, reached down and got hold of the dog’s penis and guided it into her ready vagina.

She gave a scream “Ow – oh, that hurts – take it out!”
Too late. Bronco knew what he was doing now, and started to hump her, his front legs wrapped tightly around her waist, and as the knot slipped inside her, stretching her open, she gave a deep sob.
“Oh shit that’s so big….oh it hurts…oh..oh…..stop, please stop him”
Each hump made her groan, and now Bronco was really getting into it, hard and fast. But she’d stopped protesting, and with each thrust she went something like – “Uh – Uh – Uh-………..”
All the time Jerry was filming the action, getting as close as he could the where the dog’s penis was thrusting in and out of BJ’s vagina, as she spread her knees wider – no shyness now, she had become an animal being impregnated by it’s mate and I could see the red knob of his knot slipping in and out of her.
“Oh sweety, sweety that’s so……oh…..uh..uh..uh..”

Then it was over – it seemed to take just a couple of minutes, and he slowed down and stopped.
“Try to hold him in, honey” said Jerry. And Brenda kind of grunted a couple of times, and then Bronco pulled out, a big still stiff red thing that any man would be proud of, but with that huge bulging knot at the base.

“Oh – oh – wow, that hurt!” she moaned as it slid out of her followed by a slosh of liquid from her vagina that dripped down her thighs.
“Yuch. What a mess “ BJ said as she started to sit up.
“Just a minute.” Jerry said, and brought over a towel that he wiped her off with.
“Are you alright?” I asked her.
“It hurt at first, then when he pulled out, but otherwise it was OK.”
“Just OK?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” She said as she started to get up
The dog-man said “No, no, stay down, I think he’ll come back for more”.
“Can you handle it?” I asked anxiously, because I wanted to see that again…and again, as long as she’d continue. Bronco came over to her and she petted him as he started to lick her face but I couldn’t help remembering that just a few minutes ago he’d licked her bottom, but who was I to spoil a great shot.

She rolled over on to her knees again and the dog started to smell her, her head, body, moving on till he found her still dripping vulva and started to lick it gay horse sex.
“Ooh that’s nice” She said and turned her head away and made deep sighing sounds. Then he tried to mount her again, but again kept on missing the hole, so dog-man knelt down behind her to put it in, and this time I could see him fondle her wet pubic area before he found the dog’s penis and slid it home. As he got up he brought his hand up to his nose and sniffed it – wouldn’t you?
“See if you can hold it in you longer this time” Said Jerry.
We saw that angry red rod slide into her pink hole and she gave a deep sigh.
“Oh, oh that’s so sensitive!” she almost screamed. “Not too far, not too fast!” But it was all the way and there was no way to stop him, and as the knot pushed past her labia,
“Aah…..ah shit! Oooh that hurts” and soon he was humping her again, and she was grunting and groaning and sighing in rhythm to his eager thrusts.

Bang, bang, bang he went until he suddenly slowed down.
“OK, hold on, try and grab it” Said Jerry. And she tried to hold on to his huge knot with her vaginal muscles, and this time she managed to hold it for what seemed like ten or fifteen minutes.
“Mmmmmm………Ah. Oooh nice” she groaned. “That feels so good.” With her head on the floor and her bottom in the air, with Bronco still clasping her waist with his paws. But finally it slid out followed by a gush of thin liquid, all recorded on the camera.

She lay face down on the floor with her butt in the air while Jerry continued to film.
“Stay just like that.” He said.
As he circled her taking in her face and ending up at her bottom, then zooming in on her now red, gaping hole, still dripping dog-sperm.
“That’s beautiful – your lovely privates, just hold it. Nice, real nice.”
“Can you move it?” He asked.
“You mean like this?” BJ replied.
And I watched in amazement a her labia closed and relaxed, closed and relaxed three or four times, as her red lips quivered. I’d never seen her do that before.
“That was great, real great.” Jerry said. “I’ve finished with the pictures.”

“Oh, thanks, that’s all I can handle” BJ said as she started to get up.
“No wait, I’ve got to have some of that” said Jerry. And he started to unzip his fly and pulled out his stiff penis.
“Oh God, I should have known!” She said, “OK, but be quick, OK?” she said as she rolled over on to her knees again and you could see her gaping redness .
Then he was down on his knees behind her, and as he shoved penetrated her.
“ Oh, oh, oh, take it easy, not too fast. I’m REAL sensitive”. She said.
But he was already deep inside her, humping away, just like Bronco.
After using her for a couple of minutes he came in two or three big thrusts and then hung on with his arms wrapped around her – just like the dog zoo best sex.

As Jerry got up she rolled back to sit up and started to stand.
“Hey! How about me?” He’s my dog y’know” said dog-man.
“No, no I can’t take any more” she said.
“How about some oral, then? I’ve got to have something.” He said.
“OK, come on” She said and led him over to the couch, unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis (as hard as it was that wasn’t easy) and started to suck on it.
I’m sure all women give fellatio the same way, but I love to watch BJ do it. She runs her tongue around the head, then takes it all in her mouth, then up and down the shaft, then gently bites the stiff shaft before returning to the swollen head, and licks and sucks around the sensitive edge of the head. Dog-man was loving it, caressing her head, her shoulders and reaching down to pinch and feel her nipples. BJ isn’t much for swallowing, but when he came:
“Oh, Oh. That’s nice honey! Suck it, suck it. Baby, baby, you’re GOOD ! There… there, I’m coming, suck it all! Suck me dry.”
And he held her head in his hands while he used her mouth until he shot his load into her eager mouth, but didn’t let go of her head until she’d swallowed every drop.

“That was nice. You’re good.” he said as he wiped his cock off with a Kleenex.
“I bet you say that to all the girls.” BJ said and she wiped her mouth of with the back of her hand. “Yuck, I hate that taste.”

“Are you sure you don’t want Bronco again?”

“No thanks.” She said as she headed for the bedroom where her clothes were, with Bronco’s semen still dripping out of her and down her legs.

Now I was starting to worry. How about me? I had a erection that was aching, and I needed some relief too. But just now I was getting too much pleasure watching her give him fellatio, so lovingly, so professionally, it was a joy to watch. And when he ejaculated and she sucked him dry, swallowing every last drop, I was about ready myself. So I followed her into the bedroom, and when she heard me she turned around.
“Not you too. I’ve had all I can handle, and I’m sore.” She said.

But I just pushed her back on the bed and plunged my face into her crotch. I didn’t care how many penises had been in it or how sore it was, or whether it had been a man or a dog or a regiment of marines, I was going too eat it. Then as she lay there I followed Bruno and Jerry and slipped my penis into that red hole even though she asked me not to, because I couldn’t wait. After all the use it had had it was pretty loose, and then as I was really getting into it, the door opened behind me and I heard Jerry say,
“Here’s your check.”
“Thanks, just put it on the dresser,” BJ said casually as I continued.
I ejaculated into her and lay between her legs for a few minutes.
“How did you like Bruno?” I whispered into her ear.
“It was fantastic. I can’t explain it. But it seemed to be over so quickly true story of dog sex. I’d like to try it again sometime. You guys were like nothing after him.”

We had settled up with Jerry and dog-man and as we left they asked BJ if she’d come back for another video, and she said “Maybe.” She did a couple of times, but without me, and she always coming back really excited. As for me, I got mine when we got home. I licked her clean, dog, man I didn’t care who had been there, and if I swallowed some dog come it tasted pretty good to me! When I asked her if she had finally sucked Bruno’s penis she was evasive, so I assume she did.

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