disgusting incest

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I just saw her there, standing with pride, standing with a dildo in one hand, and a sweet inocent face. Bang, I woke up. Ive been getting these Dreams for a while now and each time adds a little more to the desire to rip of her skirt and fuck her as if she was a slave, but me and my sister was to close for me to rape her, however we was also to close to ever think about having a relationship together. I was stuck in a loop, each time I saw her sweet inocent 18 year old body, with the golden corn hair and sea blue eyes my dick became rock solid.

And then it happened, my desire took over me sex with mother my fantasy. When she was sleeping I walked past her open door and saw that she was nude, I never knew she slept without anything on, she did not normally at least.. was this a invition for me to fuck her? Most likey not, however I took it as that, I creeped into her room trying not to wake either her or my parents. I got closer and slowly slid into her bed. By this time my cock was rock solid and I knew I could not go back now My Bro Gay Incest… my body expected it. Then she woke up. Her eyes looked at mine in deep fear, she knew that she was about to have her big brother inside of her, and she knew I was not going to go easy on her hot lesbian incest story.

Just as she went to speek I put my hand over her mouth. With one hand over her mouth I slowly grabbed one of her not-yet fully devoped breasts and play with it like a small child would play with a toy. Her eyes started to lighten, she almost enjoyed what was happening to her and god was she going to enjoy the rest of her life. After playing with her brests for a while I could not wait any longer to stick my dick into her. I slowly guided my dick into her tight wet pussy, in a deep voice I said to her “Your wet, you like your brother fucking you don”t you bitch”, she let out a light yes, yes son cum in mom ass. I started fucking her hard and her tight pussy lips grabbed my cock, then I noticed..

My sister was a virgin. “How does it feel to lose your vaginity to your brother bitch?.. oh my god. Fuccck yeah” I squirted all my baby making joice into my sisters womb. The next day she blanked me but from that day on I fucked her each and every night, well for 4 months anyhow, then I had to stop to allow my newest fuck to be born,

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