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Rachel sat on a log next to the campfire and glumly took stock of the situation.
It was Friday night. She was stuck at a campsite with her mother’s boyfriend,
the boyfriend’s brother-in-law and about a dozen boy scouts. Her mother had left
after getting a call on her cell phone indicating she had to get back to check
on her invalid mother. Rachel had wanted to return with her, but Hazel, her
mother had insisted she stay and have a good time.
Rachel didn’t see how it was possible to do both. She did not like Hazel’s
boyfriend, and liked the scout leader and the beaver patrol even less. Hazel
probably thought Rachel would be happy to have a group of boys her own age
around with no other girls, but these boys did not appeal to her. True some of
them were tall, muscular, and kind-of good looking, but from their comments she
did not think there was one in the group who could hold up his end of a
conversation with a steam shovel. Rachel was a senior in high-school, it is
true, but she was 18 and looked like a college student. She was tall enough to
have received several volleyball and basketball scholarships, pretty enough to
model if she had the slightest interest in being a good-looking clothes holder,
which she did not, and sexy enough to get more attention than she wanted from
high school boys.
She opened her paperback copy of Great Expectations and tried to read in the
fading light. As she read, one of the older scouts invited himself to come and
sit next to her. She finished reading a rather long paragraph before she looked
up at him, just to let him know where he stood. The boy was two inches taller
than Rachel, who was 5’11″ herself. He had dark hair cut short, light skin, a
clear complexion, and rather attractive brown eyes. He wore a tank top instead
of a boy scout shirt, although he had khacki shorts and a long knife sheathed to
his belt.
“Hi,” he said casually. “My name’s Matt.”
Rachel nodded and said, “Hi.”
“Want a beer?”
Rachel looked at him skeptically. “What’s a good boy scout doing with a beer?”
she asked dryly.
Matt smiled and offered her a Bud. “Who said I’m a good boy scout.”
“No thank you,” she said and started reading again.
“You related to Chuck?” Matt asked.
“No.” She hoped he’d lose interest if she did not keep up the conversation.
“You’re his old lady’s chick,” he offered.
Rachel glared at him with her misty blue eyes. “Something like that.”
“Well,” Matt said getting up, “You get tired reading, come on by. Hate to see
you all alone and blue.”
“I’ll manage,” she mumbled, reading on.
Matt strutted away as if he had scored with her and she did not want to imagine
what he would tell his friends about her. The boys were arguing and teasing each
other. She glanced at the tent where Ralph, the alleged leader of this group
was. Ralph and Chuck were drinking beers and talking about NASCAR.
Three boys came up and one asked Ralph a question about tying a knot, while the
other asked if he could see the knife that Chuck had on his belt. The third boy
sat next to where the two men set their beers down and Rachel thought maybe he
put something in the beers, but it was getting dark.
She decided she would read in her tent valentine s night rape. She got her flash-light, went to the
latrine, and then entered the tent and closed the flaps. The boys were still
carrying on and she had to concentrate hard to keep track of the book she read.
Eventually the boys settled down and she could hear them roasting marshmallows
and telling ghost stories around the fire. She listened to some of the stories,
since she liked to write. They were all the same campfire stories that she had
heard many times already, about the stalker with the hook, the man who robbed
his mother’s grave of her golden arm, and so on.
Her flashlight batteries began to give out, so she closed the book and took off
her jeans before crawling into her sleeping bag. It was a hot, muggy, summer
night and she quickly opened the bag and lay on top of it to keep cool. She ran
her hands up the insides of her thighs and lingered on the lips of her pussy.
She tickled her clit for a while and then ran her hands up her stomach, pushing
up the camisole top she wore instead of a bra and caressed her breasts, which
were as large as baseballs and kept a winsome round shape even when she was
laying on her back.
She thought about what it would be like if the boy scouts were all eagle scouts
and in college and all handsome strong men. What it would be like if they
entered her tent and pulled her clothes off and then took their own clothes off
and fell on her, ravishing her with their large cocks and their sensitive
Her fantasy was interrupted however when she heard one of the boys, it sounded
like Matt, telling a new story. It was about a high school girl who decided to
camp out by herself down by the river. She thought she was alone but there was a
gang of escaped convicts making their way along the river looking for a place to
hide. They came across the tent and entered to find the tall, blond woman with
blue eyes all alone. He went into detail about how each one fucked her a
different way. Eventually, she passed out. Then they cut her up and threw her
parts in the river before going to sleep in her tent.
The story bothered her. Not only was she in a vulnerable situation with nothing
but men around, but she wondered where the adults where while one of the scouts
was telling such a lewd tale. She also had no illusions that Matt did not mean
for her to hear the story.
She peeked out from her tent toward Chuck’s tent. It did not look like he was in
it since his sleeping bag was still sitting unopened in the tent door. She
looked at Ralph’s tent and saw four adult feet sticking out the door at odd
angles, as if they had passed out.
She decided she would just try to sleep and hope it would be all over when she
got up and they could go home. She tried not to listen to the boys talking, but
she could not help hear each story they told. Each one told a story about a girl
who looked like her all alone in some wild place and she was always raped by
either a gang of guys or some space alien with a host of writhing tentacles or
some demon with two cocks and a snake for a tongue.
She dozed off eventually, but started having bad dreams about creatures crawling
into her tent. When she woke up, the campsite seemed quiet. She sighed in relief
and closed her eyes again. She drifted toward sleep. Something clamped down over
her mouth and she was grabbed by the arms and legs.
Looking up, she saw many large shapes hovering over her. She struggled but the
hands held her arms and legs down tightly and the hand on her mouth kept her
from screaming. One leaned over, and she recognized Matt’s voice as he said,
“It’s party time. Hope you like to fuck, cause we’re going to fuck your brains
The hand was removed from her mouth, but before she could scream, a bottle was
inserted and turned up to empty its contents into her throat. It was apparently
vodka and it burned as she swallowed it to keep from choking. She had to swallow
many times before her mouth cleared of liquid.
Matt leaned close again. “I don’t think anyone will believe you if you tell them
you were raped rape stories text files. Chuck and Ralph are shit-faced drunk and won’t remember a thing.
We spiked their beers with vodka. We’ll claim you came over and asked for it.
Soon you’re going to be drunk too.”
Rachel felt dizzy as the vodka swirled in her stomach and the alcohol began to
race into her bloodstream. She was not used to drinking.
Flashlights were turned on and directed at her body. The boys were making
appreciative comments and soon hands were touching her breasts and feeling
between her legs. Then she felt her panties being pulled down and off her feet.
They passed the panties around and the boys enjoyed the smell of her juices,
which the danger of the situation had set to flowing. The camisole was lifted
from the bottom and dragged up over her head, leaving her breasts to stand firm
and upright before their horny little eyes, nipples hard and gleaming with
Hands again pushed and probed at her. Her legs were spread wide and a couple of
fingers were competing to explore her cunt. Her nipples got a rough massage and
Matt planted a kiss on her lips, dipping his tongue deep in her mouth.
Then she heard the boys saying, “Come’on Matt, fuck her. Let’s see how it’s
Matt kneeled between her legs and dropped his shorts and positioned his large
cock at her cunt. While his hands groped her breasts, his cock got lined up and
then rushed into her cunt with a violent thrust. The boys cheered and Rachel
gritted her teeth as he leaned his body over hers, crushing her breasts under
his muscular chest.
She felt his long cock spreading apart her cunt, its knob-end sliding over her
g-spot and rubbing her hardened clit. Her juices continued to respond to the
stimulus and she started to feel the first twinges of orgasm gather.
But before much could happen, Matt shook and quivered and shot his wad into her
cunt. He smiled and kissed her, forcing her to accept his tongue as it thrust
deep into her mouth. He licked her nipples and gave her cunt a lick before he
sat back and watched as the others argued over who was next.
Another of the older boys got the next shot. He was much like Matt, thrusting
his cock into her with no restraint or finesse. He slobbered on her as he
struggled to come, grunting like a monkey. Still his cock was hard and long and
she came a little closer to an orgasm before he too came. This one withdrew and
spewed his jism on her stomach, like he had probably seen in the porno pictures.

The next guy told the boys holding her to turn her over. She was heaved over on
her stomach and her pillow was thrust under her hips raising her ass. She heard
the boy shrugging off his pants and felt something slippery like oil dribble
onto her ass. A crude hand rubbed the oil down to her ass hole and then she felt
the tip of his cock poke at her anus.
“AAAAAAhhhhhrrggg!” she cried as the cock pushed down on her ass and penetrated
while her muscles resisted and tightened. The cock drove down and down until she
was in pain as it reached complete penetration. Then it slid back and rammed
down again. She felt stabbing pain, but also more of the tumbling in her abdomen
that signals the start of the rise to orgasm. Her helplessness was making the
experience very arousing.
The back-door penetrator kept pounding on her, reaching around and squeezing her
breasts tightly. Then one of the other boys shifted until he sat in front of
her, dropped his shorts and next thing she knew there was a hard and horny cock
poking her in the face. A hand squeezed at her cheeks, forcing her mouth open
and the cock drove into her mouth before she could stop it.
Soon the cock in her mouth was shoving in and out as her ass was getting reamed
harder and harder unexpected rape movies. The orgasm struck her like a coiled snake. She shuddered and
gasped while the cock drove deep into her mouth and the back of her throat.
About that time, the guy in her ass came and she felt his cum in her bowels. The
guy in her mouth spewed his wad into her mouth and onto her face.
There were eight more boys and they all got their turn with her. Soon she was
too weary to resist and they moved her around as they pleased. At one point she
had three boys raping her at once. One laying on his back underneath her
thrusting his cock up into her cunt, another pumping her ass as she knelt doggy
style, and another fucking her mouth.
The vodka dulled much of the pain and clouded her memory of it. When they had
all had their turn, she thought she would be left alone, but they tied her up
and took turns spanking her until she was sobbing and her ass was red as embers.

Then one of the boys showed the others a dildo he had carved from a tree branch.
They propped her ass up and shoved the crude thing into her cunt and then her
ass and again in her cunt. They also fingered her clit and eventually got her to
come. It was humiliating to have the boys have their way with her body, but
erotic as well. Next a boy lit a candle and dripped wax on her breasts and
By the time they had tortured her like this a while, they started to get hard
again, and the rapes began anew. Some of them could not get enough stimulation
to come again, so they all started jerking off around her head and chest. Soon
she had gobs of cum shooting down at her face and splashing on her neck, chest,
and breasts, while someone tongued at her clit, making her come as the hot jism
was splattering down on her.
It was now well past midnight and the boys, many of whom had been drinking all
night started to flag. They untied her and left her in the tent. “Thanks for
inviting us in for the fucks,” Matt said to her as he closed the tent.
She was exhausted and made no immediate attempt to clean herself up. She fell
asleep but was soon awakened again. A light was shining in her eyes and another
on her naked body. Two figures were kneeling in her tent and as her eyes
adjusted she saw it was Chuck and Ralph. Chuck rubbed at the cum on her face and
then without warning slapped her hard across the face.
“I always knew you were a cunt and a cock-tease. Seducing a bunch of Boy Scouts,
what a tramp. You think I don’t know what you’re up to wearing those tee-shirts
with no bra and bouncing around in front of me. You want me to fuck you, so get
ready, bitch.”
He was obviously still very drunk, but not so drunk that he could not get a
hard-on and drive it into her sore and abused pussy. He had trouble coming and
this angered him and he slapped her again. Then he turned her on her back and
fucked her ass until he came. Then he rolled off and fell asleep next to her.
Ralph was next, taking his time, feeling her breasts and fucking her almost
until he came and then holding back. He knew a bit about making a woman come and
soon had her gasping again. When he finally came, she was clutching at his back
and clenching her cunt around his spurting member.
Ralph did not say anything, but got Chuck up and put him in his own tent before
returning to his.
Rachel found a towel and wiped the cum off her body as best she could and
eventually slept. Later, when she got back and was alone with her mother, she
told her what happened. At first she was angry with the boys and Chuck, but then
she began to accuse Rachel of being a cock-tease and suspected that maybe she
got what she deserved gentle rape. Hazel did not want to believe her boyfriend was a rapist.
Rachel had a check-up at a clinic and got a morning-after pill and determined
that she had no disease. The doctor suggested she press charges, but she did not
think she could endure the process. Instead, she ran away from home and headed
for New York.

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