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“Jess, you need to tell me the whole story” said Mary.

Mary has been my social worker for a month now. She is trying to help me get my life back on track. I ran away from home when I was fifteen. When I was sixteen I was gang raped and since then I realized my purpose in life. I am a cunt for sale; my pussy is a wet coin slot for all the older guys to fulfill their fantasies in. Now I’m on probation though and the courts are making me see this social worker to ‘fix’ me and my cunt.

“It’s my fucking story, o.k. I mean why do you think you have any right to know about my life?” I reply.

Mary sighs… “It is not for me it’s for you. It will help you”
“But I don’t want to be helped”
“Well, I’ll tell you what Jess, the court will have more compassion on you and it will be easier to get out of this if you tell me the full story of the rape. We need to know what you’ve been through to understand who you are.”
“Maybe I just don’t feel comfortable telling you”
“Why don’t you write it down instead? You will feel better and maybe the guys that did this will get charged, who knows huh?”

I resign myself to writing down my story. I don’t want to but if it will end up getting me through probation quicker and easier than I’ll do it.

A year ago, just after my sixteenth birthday, I was alone and freaking out. I’d been on the streets for a few months and it had really worn me down. The night I met Roland I was in a phone box about to ring daddy and beg him to let me come home. I was sitting on the floor crying and trying to find the courage to ring home when I heard a deep, strong man’s voice.
“Can I help you? What’s wrong?”

I looked up and there stood Roland. He was in his forties, tanned, strong and tattooed. He told me that the streets are dangerous for girls and that he was worried for me because he had a daughter about my age who lived with his ex-wife.

He took me to a café, it was about 2am, and we drank coffee. I told him my story and he was like my daddy but more understanding. He said that I could come and live in his house if I wanted. He said that he would buy me food and there would be no rent but I had to clean the house and cook him his meals to make my keep. I agreed.

At first everything was fine. I would get up early and cook him breakfast then I would clean the house and when he came home (he was a construction worker) I would have his dinner ready gentle rape. He only punished me once when I didn’t have his breakfast ready in time but it was just a slap so really I was happy living there.

After I had been there for a few months he told me that his friends were coming over to watch a boxing match and that I would need to make dinner for four people that night. He said that it had to be good or else he would be embarrassed and if he was embarrassed he would make damn sure that I was embarrassed. I decided to cook sausages and vegetables. On the night I tried to make sure that everything was well prepared. All the men were sitting in front of the television drinking when I came out and served them dinner. Then I went back into the kitchen to eat mine. I had just picked up my knife and fork when I heard a loud yelling.

“Get your cunt in here you little bitch”
I didn’t know if Roland was just drunk and joking or what so I stayed put.
“Jess, I fucking said bring your cunt in here now bitch”

I was really scared as I walked into the lounge room. As I entered Roland beckoned to me so I walked over shaking. He grabbed my head and shoved my face into his meal yelling “What is this huh? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s burned tasteless shit and damned if you’re not going to pay the price you putrid little whore”

At this point Roland grabbed me and took me over his knee. All his friends were laughing at me and I was already crying. He pulled up my dress and he pulled down my panties. He started to spank me really hard. I kept crying and then I yelled at him:
“I hate you!!!FUCK YOU I hate you!!!!”
“Words like that will get you no where fast little girl”, said Roland.

He started spanking me harder and faster. The pain was excruciating and I could feel my ass getting red. His friends kept on taunting me. I only knew one of their names, it was Earle. I heard him say:
“I hope your learning your lesson good you little cunt”

Finally Roland stopped spanking me and I thought that it was over until he said,
“This is only the beginning of your punishment bitch”

I was still over his knee and I felt something being inserted into my pussy and then something else into my asshole. It felt strange and then I realized that Roland was sticking the sausages into my holes. He threw me to the ground and said,
“Now it’s time that you really earned your keep”

All the while his friends where sitting on the couch smirking and laughing at me. The dress was up around my tits so Roland pulled in over my head and I was completely naked. With my cunt and ass already full of sausages I saw Roland unzip his fly and take out his cock. It was very thick. He knelt over me and told me to open my mouth wide. I was scared and I knew he would beat me if I didn’t so I opened wide.

Roland started to dip his ball in my mouth and telling me to “suck hard bitch”. It was hard to suck because I was crying so much but I hadn’t seen anything yet. He took his cock and started to mouth fuck me hard fantasy forced sex. I thought I was going to suffocate and I kept on gagging. Roland was yelling “What do you think of that bitch, I bet your enjoying this huh, you little whore. You fucking deserve this!”
He pulled out before he came and I saw that Earle was holding a camera and recording it all. The other two guys were naked by now. One was black and his cock was bigger than Roland’s. It looked dangerous with a thick erect shaft and a huge knob. The other guy was white and he was watching me with his mouth open as he rubbed his stiff, uncircumcised cock. Roland yelled,
“Get on you hands and knees bitch”
I cried, “No, Fuck off!” I tried to run but I was scared and shaking. I didn’t make it because Earle grabbed me and restrained me. Meanwhile Roland took his belt and began to whip me. “How many beatings you take is up to you slut. You’re not going to escape bitch so forget it”

I was crying out with pain as the black guy and white guy watched seeming to get even harder. Roland yelled, “Say, yes master!”

I said nothing.

“That’s it Earle, open her legs.”
Earle forced my legs apart and Roland whipped my cunt. I had never felt so much pain in my life. With the belt poised Roland said “Say, yes master, bitch”
Afraid of the pain I cried “Yes master”
Roland told me to get on my hands and knees and this time I did. He went around behind me and with the sausages still in my cunt he quickly stuck his stiff shaft in me. He fucked me harder and harder as if the sex was a punishment to. It burned and I cried but he kept on fucking harder and faster. I heard his breathing getting faster and then I felt him blow his package inside of me. As he pulled out Earle said from behind his camera
“I knew she wouldn’t be a virgin”
“It’s your turn now boys”

The black guy put his cock into my asshole. While the white guy shoved my face to his cock and started to mouth fuck me deep. The force of the two men thrusting into me at the same time was enough to make me feel like I was going to burst. They were moaning. They didn’t care that I was human; to them I was just a fuck machine. They gripped me from around the hips and behind the head, thrusting into me as hard as they could, filling my aching holes. The fullness that I felt was shamefully arousing. I began to get wet and I think that Earle could tell that I started to enjoy it because he was laughing and moving the camera to focus on my expression. The look on my face must have been a mixture of pain, horror, deep shame and arousal. I lost myself in the moment and as the white guy shot his warm juice down the back of my throat and the black guy shot his junk deep into my ass I began to pant. I couldn’t help myself and then I knew that I really was a whore gang rape fucking. I have worked as one since. I lay on Roland’s floor humiliated, chastised, fucked and satisfied. They kicked me out of the house and said to never call the police. They would kill me if I did and the video would never be found, none of the others had.

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